Mar. 31st, 2006

Oh man: at last! Friday!

» 3D Painted Rooms

I think if I lived in any of these I’d go a little nutty. Pretty unique ideas though.

» Urville: The Imaginary City

Gilles Trehin is an autistic 28-year-old. Since the age of 12, he has been designing an imaginary city called Urville. This is amazing.

» A Wedding Toast By Katie Holmes’s Former Best Friend

On McSweeney’s = funny.

» Ganguro!

Never mind Ms. Stefani and her Hirajuku Girls(tm), this is apparently the real deal in Japan these days. Eeeeyikes! I did witness this when I visited, but it’s even more out of whack this year. Check out the eyes!

Happy Day, Friday Peoples!


Mar. 17th, 2006



Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Ta-lura-lura-luuuuu! [hic!]

» Don’t Shoot the Puppy!

It is not at all obvious how you play this, but trust me: you can make it to 15 levels on this game. “Hint: It’s the exact opposite of what you do in all other games.”

» Hanzi Smatter

“Dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in western culture.”
Lists several (mostly tattooed) misuses of Chinese and Japanese characters. Brilliant! Make sure that “Warrior” on your bicep doesn’t actually mean “Donut Hole”.

» The Torn-Up Credit Card Application

“You should probably buy a shredder today.” Indeed!
[Note: This took place in the US, using a US bank.]

» World Class Juggling: Chris Bliss

[Apologies to Metafilter readers]
Yikes. This one has been making the rounds. It’s a little… cheeseball maybe. The guy is definitely good. It’s hard to take the term “World Class” seriously but it’s pretty mesmerizing to watch Mr. Bliss in action. Note: The audio is worth it on this one.

Happy Friday! 🙂


Mar. 10th, 2006

Yes, I was gone last week (on vacation in faaaabulous NYC.) However! The Friday Links are back in full effect!

Here we go:

» Marimba Ponies!

[A video, just an fyi]
This is unbelievably entertaining! It’s rare that I link to a video file but this was awesome.

» Soho Tour

Since I went to NYC for the weekend, I found this which pretty much exactly maps the places I ended up seeing. Great Google Maps hack. Note: You can view several other neighborhoods. It’s mostly the interface I was geeking out about.

» Celebrity Yawning!

Hey: if they can have celebrity ballroom dancing…
[in Norwegian]

» Chinese Watermelon Art

[Self explanatory and…. ?!?!]

Hope your weekend is fabulous!