Apr. 13th, 2006

This is a special Good Friday link listing, because in my country tomorrow is a holiday. Early posting for everyone else who has to work on Friday. 🙂

» link to blog entry

I can’t describe this adequately but check it out. What can I say? This made me laugh.

» IBM’s “Seeds of Imagination” installation

You plant a seed, then talk to your plant by typing into a text box. Positive words get recognized and alter how your plant grows. Check out the gallery too. Some very beautiful abstract pieces in there.

» Pimp My Snack!

Soooo… is there anything left that cannot be “pimped”?

» CompuPromo

[via Digg]
A humorous take on photos from the early days of computing. Note: Lileks also hosts the Gallery of Regrettable Food, previously mentioned here…

Happy Easter Weekend, Fridaypeople!