Jul. 7th, 2006


» PsyOp: Coke Ad(UK)

Those of you in the digital arts fields probably already saw this but if not: you should. 🙂
PsyOp [psyop.tv] also made the new MTV HD Station ID’s.

[P.S. Yeah I know: it’s Coke. Megacorporation and all that… Grrrrr…]

» 3D Pong

I have sent this to some of you individually in the past, so apologies for repeating. This is insanely addictive. Sadly it does not keep your high score (or allow you to restart.) Still! If they had this for PSP I’d be playing it a lot.[hint!]

» The Broth

A mosaic, created in realtime, by Internet users around the world. It also features a meagre but interesting gallery.

» Facsimile Books

Accurate reprints and constructed binding of ancient texts (11th to 18th century volumes are represented here.) An insane amount of work goes into making these. They’re not cheap but they look fantastic! Much more interesting than the BBC’s “virtual” ancient books of a few years past.

Happy Friday, Friday listers!