Sep. 29th, 2006


[Or somethin’]

Here goes!

» Action Comics: Issue 1

[For those who don’t want to shell out > $3000 for one.]
Scanned for your online reading enjoyment. What I love about the web is that it makes stuff like this easier to trip across. 🙂

» Call The Future

Lots of these springing up lately.
Send yourself (or someone) an automatic reminder phonecall, using an automated voice. Fill in the form. It then dials the number you gave it, on the date and at the time you asked, and says the message you told it to say. There are odd, hilarious and creepy capabilities with this site.

» 50 NFB Animated Short Films

[Self explanatory]

» Chinese Pop Posters

Extremely stylized posters and stamps produced during China’s Cultural Revolution. Pretty amazing artwork.

Also: apologies for a broken link in last week’s email. Poor QA on my part. The actual link for the Daily Dose of Imagery is:

So he gets some extra Friday love today. Thanks to those of you who pointed it out. 🙂 No: there is no prize. (Sorry!)

Happy Friday, Friday folks!


Sep. 22nd, 2006

Hooray for Friday! And Autumn! (buh bye summer. 🙁 )

Here goes!

» Brawny Man Innocent Escapes

Hard to explain. Funny!

» Daily Dose of Imagery

Sent in by Janet (but numerous people also recommended it.) Photo blog of Toronto photographer Sam Javanrouh.


Fascinating, but also somewhat disturbing and heartbreaking. Real peoples’ anonymous confessions. This was set up by a fairly right-wing US church organization. Somewhat depressing, but endlessly readable. Similar to (but vastly different from) the previously mentioned PostSecret site.

» Sawlogs

People write down their dreams and send them in. The site allows people to comment on them, and has a huge amount of statistics. You can also create your own “dream blog” on that site. All free.



Sep. 15th, 2006

Friiiiiii! DAY!

A bit of a mish-mash this week, but what else is new hey?

» Don Marco: The Master Crayon Artist

Sure. Go ahead. Laugh. 🙂 Marco’s work is pretty impressive.

» LovePixel

The opening screen alone is worth it, but they also sell t-shirts, mugs, etc. featuring detailed pixel-based art.

» Flash-based Enigma Machine

The WWII encryption machine used by the Nazis: now available for the masses! Pretty fascinating to see how it works. (If you’re a nerd like me.)

» Flickeur

Creates “infinite videos” based on images found on flickr. Pretty mesmerizing after a while. (It apparently takes some time to “warm up”.)


Happy Friday!


Sep. 8th, 2006

Welcome, again, to your Friday Links!

This week I decided to focus on a bunch of online flash artists. I’m a huge fan of folks like Joshua Davis and it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything like his work. So here goes. Note: you may need Shockwave and will definitely need Flash on these sites.

» Gravity Index

Some really engaging flash art. Some of it reacts to your mouse, some just does its own thing. They’re all quite beautiful. Also see his “caustic painting”section.


Very abstract and based on interactions you make with it. I especially recommend the “reactive” section.


Speaking of Joshua Davis… After abandoning his ongoing “PrayStation” series of online workshops and works in progress, Davis switched gears and created this site, which showcases a dazzling array of very hard to describe interactive art pieces. The selections are pretty slim right now but they’re still interesting.

» WebGobbler

An application that “wanders the web, downloads random images and mixes them.” There are some pretty insane (and beautiful) results.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Sep. 1st, 2006

Wow… there went August! 🙂

Link tiiiiiime!!!! [siren!]

» Disturbing Auctions

[self explanatory] (200 Freeze-Dried Pork Chops?!)

» YongFook: Hong Kong Gotham

Described as “High Dynamic Range images of the new and old of Hong Kong,” these photos are breathtaking, and shot as a series of composite exposures for maximum dramatic effect. Very cool. It makes the city look strangely deserted.
[Note: the rest of that site is definitely also worth a read.]

» PostSecret

You have a secret. You write it down on a postcard. You anonymously mail it to this guy. He posts it on his blog. Simple! He has even published a book!

» Diet Coke + Mentos = lookout!

Unreal! All of those videos make for highly addictive viewing. Plus check out their scientific research (no joke) With much thanx to Janet. Also see: this site.

Hope your September is amazing!