Sep. 1st, 2006

Wow… there went August! 🙂

Link tiiiiiime!!!! [siren!]

» Disturbing Auctions

[self explanatory] (200 Freeze-Dried Pork Chops?!)

» YongFook: Hong Kong Gotham

Described as “High Dynamic Range images of the new and old of Hong Kong,” these photos are breathtaking, and shot as a series of composite exposures for maximum dramatic effect. Very cool. It makes the city look strangely deserted.
[Note: the rest of that site is definitely also worth a read.]

» PostSecret

You have a secret. You write it down on a postcard. You anonymously mail it to this guy. He posts it on his blog. Simple! He has even published a book!

» Diet Coke + Mentos = lookout!

Unreal! All of those videos make for highly addictive viewing. Plus check out their scientific research (no joke) With much thanx to Janet. Also see: this site.

Hope your September is amazing!