Sep. 8th, 2006

Welcome, again, to your Friday Links!

This week I decided to focus on a bunch of online flash artists. I’m a huge fan of folks like Joshua Davis and it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything like his work. So here goes. Note: you may need Shockwave and will definitely need Flash on these sites.

» Gravity Index

Some really engaging flash art. Some of it reacts to your mouse, some just does its own thing. They’re all quite beautiful. Also see his “caustic painting”section.


Very abstract and based on interactions you make with it. I especially recommend the “reactive” section.


Speaking of Joshua Davis… After abandoning his ongoing “PrayStation” series of online workshops and works in progress, Davis switched gears and created this site, which showcases a dazzling array of very hard to describe interactive art pieces. The selections are pretty slim right now but they’re still interesting.

» WebGobbler

An application that “wanders the web, downloads random images and mixes them.” There are some pretty insane (and beautiful) results.

Have a fabulous weekend!