Sep. 29th, 2006


[Or somethin’]

Here goes!

» Action Comics: Issue 1

[For those who don’t want to shell out > $3000 for one.]
Scanned for your online reading enjoyment. What I love about the web is that it makes stuff like this easier to trip across. 🙂

» Call The Future

Lots of these springing up lately.
Send yourself (or someone) an automatic reminder phonecall, using an automated voice. Fill in the form. It then dials the number you gave it, on the date and at the time you asked, and says the message you told it to say. There are odd, hilarious and creepy capabilities with this site.

» 50 NFB Animated Short Films

[Self explanatory]

» Chinese Pop Posters

Extremely stylized posters and stamps produced during China’s Cultural Revolution. Pretty amazing artwork.

Also: apologies for a broken link in last week’s email. Poor QA on my part. The actual link for the Daily Dose of Imagery is:

So he gets some extra Friday love today. Thanks to those of you who pointed it out. 🙂 No: there is no prize. (Sorry!)

Happy Friday, Friday folks!