Oct. 6th, 2006

Whuhoo Friday! In my country, it is a long weekend (Thanksgiving!)


» Bellydancing Librarians

Not exactly what you’d think, and yet: precisely what it says.

» Unusual X-Rays

Self-explanatory. Sent in by Karem. Some quite beautiful images (especially the shells.) Also some quite disturbing / hilarious ones.

» YouMail

Describing itself as “the new voicemail for cellphones”, this service allows some mobile customers (not all are supported at the moment) to record customized greetings based on the callerid of the incoming caller. 🙂 So now you can specifically record “Hello again, Bill. No I’m still not interested in your magazine offer.” (Or something.) You can also email your voicemails to people. Interesting concept.

» Warning Sign Generator

[self explanatory]

Also see: The Warning Label Generator.

Note: Use with caution. May contain hazardous chemicals. Yadda yadda yadda.

Happy friday!

And have a great (long, for some of you) weekend!