Dec. 15th, 2006

Only 9 more shopping days til Xmas… Must be time for some holiday-themed Friday links! 🙂

So: here we go…

» Control This Man’s Xmas Lights

Yes: From wherever you are right now you can control this person’s Xmas light display, and then see the results in real time. 🙂 Insane.

» Christmas 2.0: Subverting the Holidays With Re-dubbing

5 video mashups based on perennial Xmas TV and film favorites. I usually do not post videos in the Friday links but these are funny, and besides it’s the holiday season. So there.

» Old Man Potter’s Closing Remarks To A Bedford Falls Jury

McSweeney’s makes me laff.

» Make-A-Flake

Flash based paper snowflake maker. You can save your own, or download, print, and cut from any of 13 million saved ones.

Bonus Link!

» The Star Wars Christmas Album

EeeeeeeYIKES! You can read all about how much this particular guy hates this album, then either listen to or download the entire thing. (You can also buy it via the recently re-issued CD on Rhino Records.)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.