Dec. 22nd, 2006

It’s the last Friday before Xmas! (And the first one of winter!) I hope all of you, your family and loved ones have an excellent holiday.

Here are the Friday Links…

» A Christmas Story in 30 seconds (and re-enacted by bunnies)


» Picktown Lights

“Home of the computer-controlled multiple house animated musical synchronized holiday light display in Pickerington, Ohio.” Indeed! This neighborood is possibly the most dedicated Xmas decorators I’ve ever heard of.

» Sober Santa

Move Santa around a snow-covered roof to collect glasses of champagne, or gifts. The more champagne you collect, the drunker he gets. Try to get a high score without falling off the roof. Trickier than it sounds.
Note: Do NOT try this at home. And of course: don’t drink and drive.

» The Real Story Of Christmas

For those with a more historically-minded way of looking at things. Some pretty interesting information on this site.
[Note: I am not religious.]

Bonus Link!

» South Florida: “Scared Of Santa” Gallery

Yes: Dozens of photos of little tykes getting freaked out by old St. Nick. Good times!

Happy Friday, everyone, and Merry Xmas!