Feb. 2nd, 2007

First Friday in February! Whuhoo!

Happy Friday people. Here you go.

» Things My Boyfriend Says

A sample:
e: My hands hurt from doing the dishes.
me: You’re such a delicate flower.
e: How does it feel?
me: How does what feel?
e: Being punched in the face by a delicate flower?

[Note: possibly / probably nsfw]

» Gateway

Guide your robot through a series of mysterious and puzzling levels. This is somewhat similar to the PSP game “PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient”. Tricky, and addictive.
Sent in by DAM

» Steve’s Weird House

Possibly the most cluttered household in the world, never mind just Seattle. Some interesting stuff in here but… it takes a while to focus. 🙂

» Disney Studio: The Ropes

A booklet given to all new employees at Disney circa 1943. Apparently women weren’t allowed to… do anything…

Have a good weekend!