Mar. 16th, 2007

I am back! And, therefore, so are the Friday Links. Yayyyy!

Here goes!

» Lost As A Computer Text Adventure

A bit old but no less funny. And, yes, extremely nerdy.
Note: If you haven’t seen the show there are some spoilers.

» Hostile Skies!

Fly a WWI plane and shoot down “the enemy”. You also get to go up against the Red Baron (if you’re good enough.)

» The World Ice Art Championships

Ice carvers compete for artistic excellence. Some pretty amazing sculptures in this site. It’s an annual event.

» The Ancient Iran Photo Gallery

Several photographer friends sent me this one. In light of recent political events, it’s easy to forget what a hub of culture this region has been for millenia. Some really beautiful work here.

Bonus Link!

» The Rare Book Room

A place where you history / rare publication nerds can view hi-res scans of texts such as the Guttenburg Bible, among dozens of other invaluable historical publications. Pretty interesting. (To me at least.)

Happy Friday, everyone!