Mar. 30th, 2007

Friday Friday Friiiidaayyyeeeee!

Whuhoo! Here we go…


Create your own avant-garde dripping paint canvas. It’s somewhat therapeutic. 🙂
Sent in by Laura F. (by way of William D.)

» Lumi Lena Snow Castle

In Finland! This is similar to the Quebec ice hotel. I know: it’s officially spring. But it’s still a cool looking place.

» BookScans

“Scanned Images of Vintage Paperback Books”. (Note: this is only the covers.)
At the moment they are highlighting the “classic” The Werewolf Of Paris. There are hundreds of book covers scanned in this site. Some crazy titles in there. 🙂

» Break-In 2

From Mine Games. Sure it looke gruzzy but it’s a tense little game (and the second part of this game.) Fans of Metal Gear Solid will probably be awesome at it, unlike me.

Bonus Link!

» In-flight photography by a commercial pilot

I know what you’re thinking: so who’s flying the plane?!?! 🙂 Some amazing photographs from a pro-photographer-pilot.
From the same site: The Glamour of Flight

Have a great weekend, Friday people!