May 11th, 2007

Mid-May Fridayyyyy! [applause!]

Here we go:

» Sweet-Ass Ice Sculptures I’m Going To Make With A Chain Saw One Day

[self explanatory] [And Funny!]
From the ever-entertaining McSweeney’s

» The Book of Bunny Suicides

Funny! (No really)

» Park My Car

Great idea. Take something everyone hates, and make it into an addictive game! (They should make “Do My Laundry” as well…)
Note: watch out for animals!

» Salem Witch Trials Archive

A bit dry, possibly, but it’s certainly interesting.
[Insert obligatory Bush Administration joke here…]
Sent in by Trace

Bonus Link!

» 3M’s Sticky Bear Is VERY Pleased To See You

Oh my…
Available only in China, Taiwan and Japan
Sent in by Ana D.

Enjoy your weekend, Friday people!