Jun. 22nd, 2007

It’s the first Friday Links of Summer!


Here we go…

» Best Five Second Video On The Internet

No but like: really! Endlessly re-watchable. Caution on the volume.
With apologies to mefi readers.

» Easy-Glider

Crazy looking electric scooter. Apparently considered good competition for the unfortunately-marketed Segway. I kinda want one (but their country list doesn’t include mine. 🙁 )
This one’s been making the rounds so apologies if this got sent to you many times by other people.

» EasyPost

You can send free letter mail to and from anywhere in Canada. (Note: not available for any other country. Also: limited time on the “free” part.)
Sent in by Nick

» Crazy Mammoths

A deceptively challenging yet very simple and quite addictive game. Read the instructions.

Have a fabulous weekend folks.