Nov. 2nd, 2007



Here goes…

» Crackbook

“Crackbook is an addictive social utility that makes you feel that you’re connecting with people when actually you’re just not”
A comedic take on Facebook from David McCandless’ book – The Internet Now in Handy Book Form…

» They Didn’t Study

Actual answers to various test questions from young students.

» The Hooke Folio

[Apologies to Metafilter readers]
A shockwave interface to Robert Hooke’s minutes of the Royal Society. Somewhat fascinating and a bang-up user interface. Nicely done.

» Gramma’s 12-Piece Chiken Head Dinner

Yes, that is how they spelled it.
Yet another flash game for those with very short attention spans. Sent in by Jennidub, who is addicted.

Happy Friday, everybody.