Nov. 16th, 2007

There are only six (6) more fridays left in this year. 🙁

But today is one of them!

Here we go…

» Mateuniverse: Advanced Beauty

Designer Mate Steinforth creates one of numerous very beautiful and engaging online installations. Difficult to describe but extremely beautiful. Note: a bit bandwidth heavy, and there is audio.

» Look At Me

“The collection contains 616 photos. These photos were either lost, forgotten, or thrown away.”
Hey maybe some of you are in there!
Sent in by The Stoob.

» Cats In Sinks

The cat torture continues…
Sure it’s no “Pigs In Space”, but I’ll take it. 🙂
Sent in by Jennidub (aw?)

» Virtual NES

“ is the largest vNES website on the Internet. vNES is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator programmed in Java.”
They are not kidding. Claiming to feature 666 Nintendo console games, this site could eat up a huge amount of otherwise productive time. (Shhhh)

Bonus Link!

» Queen: Hidden Message

Is there a subversive message hidden in “Another One Bites The Dust”? 🙂
This also features an alleged hidden message in a Led Zeppelin and Britney Spears song.

Happy Friday, people.