Dec. 28th, 2007

The last Friday Links entry of 2007.
Heeeere we go…

» Stereotypist: 50 Answers

I can’t even explain why this made me laugh so much, but it did. Still does.
Stereotypist is a comic written by John Campbell. The whole site is worth checking out.

» Christopher Walken: A Very Walken Christmas

Insane! A bit of post-xmas hilarity.

» Stock Car Thunder

Unbelievable that this is a web game. Requires shockwave. This is as good as many console driving games I’ve seen.
Sent in by Ash, who is kicking my butt at it.

» Astronomy Pictures Of The Year: 2007

[self explanatory]
Breathtaking. The shot of Victoria Crater on Mars is outstanding.

Bonus Link!

» The HaHa Times

A viral promo site for the new Batman film, The Dark Knight. Quite beautifully done.
Sent in by Jennidub (who’s a fan)

Happy New Year, Friday Links folks!


Dec. 21st, 2007

It’s an all-request Friday Links, since I was sent so many by so many of you.

This is the last Friday Links before Xmas, so I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and whatever other holidays might simultaneously occur. 🙂

Here we go…

» Amazon Reviews of a Bic Crystal Pen (£0.13)

[Self explanatory]
Not sure why, but several (as in: 77 and counting) Amazon customers have chosen to write insane, funny and odd reviews for a common ballpoint pen.
Sent in by Bonnie.

» Ink That Stinks: Truly Horrible Tattoos

[self explanatory. And ew.]
Sent in by Cassie.

» Charlie Brown interpreted as Manga

Some insane (and hilarious) interpretations of the Charles Schulz classic.
Sent in by Miko

» 286 Photos of UFOs

Some of the stories behind these image are fascinating (to me at least.)
Sent in by Ash.

Bonus Link!

» Dolphin Olympics

Terribly addictive. Swim your dolphin and attempt to gather as many fish with you for more points.
You can play against your facebook friends as well!
Sent in by Laura F.

Enjoy. Happy Friday, Friday people!


Dec. 14th, 2007

There are only two more shopping-Fridays left in 2007. 🙂

Let’s begin shall we?

» Electron Microscropy Unit Snow Page

Scanning electron microscopic pictures of snow crystals. Featuring my favorite: the Hexagonal plate with dendritic extensions. (Whut?!)

» Curious Expeditions: The Castle Builders

Castles built by a single person. There are some insane and impressive constructions in here.

» Clot Xmas

“For almost five decades, the Clot Family Christmas Display has been delighting residents and visitors in the South Florida area!”
It looks like they spend more on this than most department stores. Insane!
Sent in by Jennifer R.

» Serious Santa

“Guide santa through a goblin infested north pole and use a small arsenal of weapons to take care of business.”
Indeed! Very addictive shooter that just happens to have an Xmas theme.

Happy Friday, Friday peoples! And Happy Holidays!


Dec. 7th, 2007

Brrrr December!

But at least it’s Friday!! 🙂

On your marks… Get set…

» KittyWigs

Were mine still around he would claw my eyes out if I got him one of these. And he’d be right!

» Modern Gingerbread House

Now we’re talkin’! Why settle for that early 1900’s cottage style structure when you can get a more 1950’s suburban structure (complete with garage)?

» Terry’s Chop Shop

Yikes. The guy likes to chop things, and photograph (or video-record) them in extremely high detail while doing so.
He also has a Flickr gallery.

» Pimp My Sleigh

[self explanatory]
Not only can you trick out your fabulous Santa sleigh, you can also race it.
Look out for the dynamite.
Sent in by Miko.

Happy December Friday, people. Have a great weekend.