Feb. 21st, 2008

First Friday in February! Fuh fuh fuhhh!

Here goes…

» Universcale

A fascinating interactive timeline of measurement. From 1 femtometer all the way up to 100 billion light years, this installation describes how we measure the things we see around us. Very cool.

» Kaiju Big Battel

Uhhh…. Really I’ll just let the site speak for itself. Insane!
Sent in by Courteney.

» Top of the World Dining

Insane. Fine dining at a table hung by a crane. Sounds yummy but extremely dangerous.
Sent in by Bonnie.

» Woe and Tell

“Woe & Tell is the world’s first online exchange of embarrassing old photos, poems and diaries.”
No kidding. People submit their most embarassing love letters, diary entries and stories, and then people meanly comment on them. It’s… strangely entertaining.

I hope your Friday is awesome!