Jul. 25th, 2008

Here it is already: the last Friday of July. (Where is this Summer going??)

Let’s begin!

» uniqlock

One of the most unique clock applications I think I’ve ever seen.
Note: It is very different depending on when you are viewing it within a day.
Sent in by Miko.

» Where Are They Now: 6 “Stars” of Embarrassing Viral Videos

Wow. This is actually kind of interesting. Who knew that this type of “celebrity” would even exist?
Sent in by Traci T.

» CursiveBuildings: Archival 3D Photos

Artist Joshua Heineman takes stereoscopic photos from the late 1800’s and creates flickering animated gifs out of them which impart some of the 3D effect, without requiring a special viewer. Interesting concept (to me, at least.)

» Fantastic Contraption

An extremely challenging flash game. 🙂
Sent in by Jennidub.

Enjoy, Friday People!!

Have a great weekend.


Jul. 18th, 2008

July is already more than half done. 🙁

But at least it’s Friday! This week we have a weird array of… weird!

Here goes…

» Modern Moist Towelette Collecting

[self explanatory?]
This site also features the Inexplicable Object Of The Week. The site is quite old but the reviews and descriptions are quite entertaining.

» Fork-You

“YES this phenomenon is for real. Although there may well be ‘magic tricks’ to bend forks, the method covered on this site does not involve any ‘trick’. It works exactly the way we say, and there are now hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have experienced this in person.”
Funny. Once. But still funny.
Sent in by Miko.

» yyyyyyy.info

An online creation (or something) made by Michael Guidetti, a musician and artist. There are several links on here that are meaningless, but a couple that are very interesting (to me.)
Sent in by Joe M.

» Open-Doors

Very cool and addictive game where you have to strategically open or close a series of doors to get to the exit. Nicely done. (And you get a little golf-clap when you complete a level.)

I hope your Friday has been an excellent one!


Jul. 11th, 2008



Let’s begin…

» Disapproving Rabbits

[self explanatory?]

» Exploding Dog

“hi my name is sam, i draw pictures, from your titles.”
Some of these are hilarious. Many of them are quite odd.
Sent in by Jen M.

» Advertising Vs Reality – A Product Comparison Project

“A German website, Pundo3000.com, has conducted a study of 100 different products by comparing the look of the products as shown by the packaging with the actual contents inside the boxes.”

» This Is Sand

A neat, and quite zen, art installation piece. You can’t save your creations but it can sure take your mind off of things for a while.

Bonus Link!

» Typical Facebook Romance

[self explanatory]
Sent in by Miko.

And there you have it!

Have a great weekend everybody.


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Jul. 4th, 2008

Ahhhh summer…..

And some Friday links!

» The Bullitt Car Chase: Geocoded

Yes, you too can drive the same route as Steve McQueen did. Just… watch your speed (and construction.)
Sent in by Daryl F.

» BoMoMo

A fascinating… art… thing. Very addictive.

» Sorry I Missed Your Party

“Pictures of other people’s parties from Flickr”
Some of these are priceless.
Sent in by Ashy.
Note: Possibly NSFW

» Crate Escape

Push crates off your ledge without getting crushed by newly-falling crates. Very addictive.

Happy Weekend everybody, and Happy Long Weekend to our American friends.