Aug. 29th, 2008

Hello Friday people. And welcome to your last Friday links of August (sigh).

Let’s begin!

» Beijing Olympics Stadium

Actual page title is: “Beijing Olympics Stadium: about 30 min. before Men’s 100m Final”
[self explanatory]
A 360-degree view of the entire Bird’s Nest stadium from the point of view of the photographers.
Created by Finnish photographer Kari Kuukka.

» Pixlr

An unbelievably powerful simulation, in flash, of photoshop. Nicely done!

» Shipment Of Fail

“Teh original I can haz shipments of fail blog” Indeed.
Rather strange but still funny. Also somewhat NSFW. (Caution!)
Sent in by Melmel

» Ultimate Potato!

Another inasne flash game (in a good way.) It may look crude but it’s still fun.
Sent in by Jennidub (who’s back from vacation.)

Happy Friday everyone. And for some of us, it’s a long weekend!