Oct. 3rd, 2008

Welcome… to your Friday Links!

There are only 28 shopping days until Halloween.

Here we go!

» FiveThirtyEight

An electoral projection site for the impending US election. They are alleged by most pundits to have some of the most accurate numbers out there. Worth a look, especially on election day. For other election tracking, a site called trendlines has similar projections for the forthcoming Canadian andUK elections.
P.S. From the FAQ: “What is the significance of the number 538? 538 is the number of electors in the electoral college.”

» Radar Online: The Billy Letters

“What better mentor for a 10-year-old than Charles Manson? Little Billy seeks life advice, and America’s most notorious killers are happy to oblige”
Insane. Note: this is performance art, and it’s both funny and… strange.

» Sphere Panorama

A really interesting panoramic image. Try a mixture of dragging the mouse, then using the keys.

» Bowman 2

I’ve been told by many that this may be the most addictive flash game ever made. I beg to differ, feeling that either Desktop Tower Defense, or LineRider beat this. You be the judge.
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Happy Friday! And welcome to October.