Dec. 5th, 2008

There are only four (4) more shopping-Fridays until Xmas. (!!)

Seriously, December seems to have arrived rather quickly.

Here we go!

» Musicovery

A fairly unique concept. Choose the mood, energy level, genre, and decade, and this site will suggest a huge variety of music for you to try out based on existing libraries at iTunes and It’s a brilliant idea.
Sent in by Sihan.

» Paleo-Future: Tomorrow’s Kitchen (1943)

This is a 1943 Life Magazine article showing what a kitchen from the future would look like. See also this blog.
That entire Paleo-Future site is awesome as well.

» The Matchbox Project

“Each week, a decorated matchbox with a tiny present hidden inside is left by a girl (and sometimes willing friends) somewhere in her travels.”
Stuff like this intrigues me.
Sent in by Ashy.

» Snowball 2008

This is a game which has several previous versions spanning a few years now. This year’s version is 3d! Try to get your snowball up to the largest possible weight. Addictive! (As usual)

Bonus Link!

» Personal Soundtrack Shirt

I guess this was inevitable. 🙂 It comes with some preset audio but you can customize it. Crazy!
(Possibly) Makes a great gift!

I hope your weekend is awesome.

Happy Friday.


P.S. I normally don’t do this but my favorite t-shirt website is shutting down on Dec. 23rd. You can still get some fairly funny duds over before then.