Feb. 27th, 2009


Say g’bye to February.

Here we go…

» Complexification: Gallery of Computation

“Jared Tarbell is one part Magical Mystery Tour (Lennon/McCartney), one part Brandenburg Concerto (J.S. Bach), and one part Somnium (Robert Rich).”
This is art created via complex computations. He sells art prints and presents the source code which produces these stunning, abstract pieces. Really interesting stuff.

» OCR Terminal

Sign up, upload any image or pdf or otherwise non-text file, and this site will convert it into the format of your choice. This is a brilliant idea, and apparently the results are pretty decent.

» Tiny Art Director

Bill Zeman blogs about artwork he creates which his four year old daughter Rosie critiques in her inimitable way. Hilarious. (And he’s good!)
Sent in by Jennidub

» Areas

This game was filed under “ridiculous” and it isn’t hard to see why.
Sent in by Jennidub.

Have a glorious weekend.

Also: a sincere thanks to all of you who voted for Kat on the BlogHer awards. Kat did indeed win, and will be travelling to Chicago July 24th – 25th to attend BlogHer annual conference. Nice work! (You can read her winning posting here.)

Happy Friday!


Feb. 20th, 2009

Friiiiiday! At last.

Let’s begin…

» #4 – Caravan – Essex [December 2008]

“A few years ago, in dense woodland a few miles from my home, I discovered a caravan. Encircled by trees and undergrowth, and over a mile from the nearest road, its presence was utterly incongruous, with few clues as to how or why it had come to rest at this point.”
This is a fascinating little piece.

» Street With A View

Two Pittsburgh artists collaborate to put on a show for the Google street view cameras. This was a huge effort and it’s kind of entertaining to see. This was slashdotted but it’s still worth posting.

» Light Graffiti

Some of these are very impressive.
Sent in by Kent R.

» Perfect Balance

“One by one, place all the objects on the playfield using the mouse.”
Not as easy as it sounds.
Sent in by Trace.

Bonus Link!

» Slang of the 30’s

You’ll blow your wig!

There you have it!

Enjoy your weekend, Friday people!


P.S. My friend Kat, a loyal Friday Links subscriber, would love it if you could vote for her blog over at mabel.ca in the hopes of sending her to the BlogHer Convention in chicago. Her blog is called FickleFeline, and is a great read in its own right.

Feb. 13th, 2009


The 13th!! [orchestra!!!]

And Happy Almost-Valentines.

Here we go…

» This Is Why You’re Fat

[self explanatory – in SPADES!]
“Where dreams become heart attacks.” Indeed!
Sent in by Marcy.

» Amy Bennett: Paintings

This Portland, ME artist’s style is really interesting, and designed to look like miniature dioramas. Very cool.

» Amazing Urban Camouflage

Some of these must have taken quite a while to do. Impressive.

» Closure

A fantastic, slightly creepy little flash game. Quite addictive. Sent in by Minh P.

There. Easy!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Feb. 6th, 2009

Happy February Friday!

Only eight more to go until Springtime.

Here we go…

» Explain This Image

[self explanatory]
[no pun intended]
Some hilarious comments / captions.
Sent in by Tara P.

» Blueful

This is pretty cool, and must have taken some time to complete. It’s a story, told via a wide variety of disparate links to numerous services. (Note: some you have to copy and paste.) Beautifully done.

» Rocket Strikes I Am Near

Enter a London post code (say: Abbey Road) and the site presents a Google Map pinpointing any V2 rocket strikes during WWII.
A fascinating site.

» Assteroid(z): Diamond Dave Edition

This defies description, and it’s addictive, and it features Van Halen.
I couldn’t make this stuff up.
Sent in by Ashy (as usual.)


Now go enjoy your weekend.