Jun. 12th, 2009

Friday the… (oh.) 12th. 🙁

How anticlimactic!

Here we go…

» OverSharers

“Really, really more than you want to know.”
No kidding! Insane lists of peoples’ random ultra-personal Twitterings.

» The Elusive Perfect Shave

[self explanatory]
Makes an awesome reference to the original Onion article about five-blade razors.

» Cubic-Hell

“Anonymous, work-related confessions”
Anyone who’s worked in an “open concept” office can probably relate to this website’s postings. Funny / sad.

» Lights

Another semi-addictive flash game. Click on stuff to discover things within a room. Rinse and repeat. Sort of…
Sent in by Jennidub

There! Done!

Enjoy your weekend everyone.