Aug. 14th, 2009

Mid-August! Already!

And more importantly: Friday!

Here we go…

» Knitting Iris: The Ford Treasury of Station Wagon Living

What an insane blog posting. This book dates from around 1957 and lists a huge array of bizarre recommendations for camping in your new Ford station wagon. Who knew?

» Stupid, Stupid Stamps

[self explanatory]
“Someone remind me: next time I go to the UK I want to bring my fife so I can harl the crap out of it.”
Hilarious, sort of.

» King of Crayons

“I’m a narcoleptic criminologist. I haven’t worked for a while. I occupy my time by screwing with coloring book pages. It’s like photoshop without a computer!”
I don’t have anything to add to that. Hilarious!

» This Is The Only Level

Very clever and addictive manipulations of a single game.
Don’t say I didn’t warm you.

Have a fabulous weekend everybody.