Oct. 30th, 2009


Happy Halloween Friday!

Here we goooOOoooo…

» ChicagoNow: The 10 Scariest Videos On The Net

[self explanatory… and BOO!]
Sent in by many subscribers.
Apologies for any nightmares.

» Ravensblight: Halloween Papercraft

These may take a while but they look like they’re worth it.
Sent in by Miko

» Street Anatomy

“Medicine + Art + Design”
Some fascinating work here.
Sent in by The Stoob(tm)

» Texas Department of Criminal Justice: Last Words

Yes, creepy, and disturbing, but fascinating.
The final words of convicted criminals before execution. Dates back to 1982. Some crazy ones in there.

» Zombie Survivalism

Another addictive flash game, just in time for Halloween. a = gun, s = knife, d = landmine. Go go go!

Have a great Friday, and a safe and happy Halloween!