Jun. 25th, 2010

Friday! And Summer!

And Friday Links!!

Here we go…

» Animals With Their Tongues Sticking Out OMG

[Self explanatory]
Sent in by Ken W.

» 35 Surreal Examples of Multiplicity Photography

“Multiplicity is a photography technique in which the same person is photographed from different angles and directions and then the bunch of photographs are digitally re-mastered in Photoshop showing clones of the person doing different things all in one photo.”
Some great ones in here.
Sent in by Minh P.

» Dancing Alone To Pony

Exactly what it says on the tin. 🙂
Sent in by many, many subscribers.

» Exit Path

Kinda fun little platformer game.
Sent in by Ashy (who is addicted.)

Bonus Link!

» Sausage Log Cabin

[self explanatory… ?!?!?!]
Found by Mandy C.

Have an excellent weekend everybody.


Jun. 11th, 2010


Can you feel it?

The Calvin and Hobbes link from last week was taken down, so this week you get a bonus link.

Heeeere we go…

» Bruton Stroube Studios: Upside Downy Face

[Self Explanatory]
Sent in by Bonnie D.

» Stereoslide

“Stereo-photo taken with 4-lens-nimslo-camera saved in gif-animation-format by Maximus Chatsky”
So it is!
Very cool.


“Showing you the stupid things people search for when they think nobody is looking.”
Sent in by Marcy M.

» Enough Plumbers

A crazy, addictive take on Super Mario Bros. Hard to explain but very challenging.
Sent in by Ashy.

Bonus Link!

» Life is not so bad…

A brilliant creation by deviantart contributor “whatshername13”.

Happy Friday, Friday Links folks.


Jun. 18th, 2010

This weekend is when we officially hit Summer Solstice 2010. 🙂

But today is Friday, so here are some links.

» Toronto Before

I am a bit of a Toronto nerd. This site makes either direct comparisons or “remixes” of photos from Toronto’s history and how it looks today. Some are quite creative.

» Look At This Little Thing!

[self explanatory]
I heart tubmlr. SO crazy the stuff people choose to focus on.

» Harmony: Procedural Drawing Tool

This was made in JavaScript! That is quite an accomplishment. Some great sketch tools on this.

» Tremors: The Videogame

I know what you’re thinking: At last!!

Bonus Link!

» Smashing Magazine: How To Permanently Delete Your Account on Popular Websites

[self explanatory]


Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy Summer.


Jun. 4th, 2010

Friday has arrived!

And here are your Friday links.

» BaseDesign: Redesigning NASA’s Logo

“Our proposal for NASA’s new logo.

If you could redesign any brand, which would it be? This was the question asked us recently by Viewpoint magazine…”
It looks pretty good.

» The Costco Prank

Part of Cockeyed.com’s “Quit Staring At My Pranks” section. Hilarious.
Sent in by Ashy.

» Searchable, Comprehensive Calvin and Hobbes

Try searching for any word ever printed in any Calvin and Hobbes strip, and all available strips return instantly. Fantastic.

» 18 Hole Crazy Golf

Very intuitive interface for this mini-golf sim.
Sent in by Ashy.

Happy first Friday of June!