Jun. 11th, 2010


Can you feel it?

The Calvin and Hobbes link from last week was taken down, so this week you get a bonus link.

Heeeere we go…

» Bruton Stroube Studios: Upside Downy Face

[Self Explanatory]
Sent in by Bonnie D.

» Stereoslide

“Stereo-photo taken with 4-lens-nimslo-camera saved in gif-animation-format by Maximus Chatsky”
So it is!
Very cool.


“Showing you the stupid things people search for when they think nobody is looking.”
Sent in by Marcy M.

» Enough Plumbers

A crazy, addictive take on Super Mario Bros. Hard to explain but very challenging.
Sent in by Ashy.

Bonus Link!

» Life is not so bad…

A brilliant creation by deviantart contributor “whatshername13”.

Happy Friday, Friday Links folks.