Sep. 24th, 2010

Welcome to Autumn of 2010, Friday people.

Let’s begin…

» Chicago Magazine: I Married a Mad Man

Meet Draper Daniels, the real-live ad exec upon which Mad Men’s Don Draper was based, written by his wife, Myra.

» From Chicago to Shanghai, 138 Visionary Years of World’s Fairs

This one is making the rounds. Kind of fascinating.
Sent in by several subscribers.

» Echo Park Time Travel Mart

“Whenever you are, we’re already then.”
A kooky store in Los Angeles. I think I want to go!
Sent in by Stef G.

» Quietus

A quite difficult flash game.

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend everybody.


Sep. 17th, 2010

Friday at last. And it looking like Autumn where I am.

Here we go…

» Every Time Zone

A really clear and ingenius way of showing different time zones at the same time.

» iTunes Instant

Written by 15-year old Stephen Ou.

» Whitney Music Box

Created by John Whitney, this variety of mathematically-driven flash music boxes, these are more than a little mezmerizing. The alleged goal is ultimately to create a genuine music box which creates this effect.

» Kill Me

Not as straightforward as it sounds.
Another challenging platform flash game.
Sent in by Ashy.

Bonus Link!

» Farmville vs. Real Farms (Infographic)


Enjoy your weekend everybody.


Sep. 10th, 2010

Welcome to your Friday.

And your Friday Links!

Let’s go…

» Unhear It

“We created this site for those of you that have a song stuck in your head and you can’t get it out no matter what you do.”
What a great idea! Check it out before some lawyers find out about it.

» Album Tacos

[self explanatory…?!?!]

» Globe Genie

A great Google Maps mashup from MIT’s Joe McMichael. You tell it which general region of the world, it goes and finds you a random street-view location. From there you can explore.

» Up Down Ready

So simple, and so addictive.
Sent in by Ashy (of course.)

Happy Friday everybody. Have a great weekend.


Sep. 3rd, 2010

Happy Friday!

And Happy September!

And Happy Labor Day Weekend (for those of you that celebrate that.)

Let’s begin…

» Arcade Fire: The Wilderness Downtown

A really, really amazing interactive video presentation. This has been making the rounds but it is definitely worth a look.

» Pinup RDJ

[self explanatory… once you see it.]
Sent in by Ashy.

» Shoot It!

Had a rough day? Upload a photo of something you want to shoot, and then shoot at it.
Sent in by Kelly S.

» Halo 2600

Halo, as it would look on an old school Atari 2600.

Bonus Link!

» What Stormtroopers Do On Their Day Off

[self explanatory]
Sent in by Jenny G.

Have a great weekend everybody.