Mar. 18th, 2011

Friday. At last.

Time for some Friday links.

» Qwiki

“Qwiki’s goal is to forever improve the way people experience information.”
Holy crap no kidding. This is one of the best interfaces I’ve ever seen. Enter a topic and it grabs the wikipedia entry and numerous images from Google, then narrates the results.
Sent in by Laura F.

» Japan Earthquake Before and After

“Hover over each satellite photo to view the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami.”
This has been such a devastating event I was hesitant to post anything about it because I personally find it very difficult to watch. This set of satellite images show just how calamitous this earthquake has been. My thoughts go out to these people.

» You Are Listening To Los Angeles

An interesting ambient mashup of music with a live stream of a police scanner. A really odd mixture but I kept it on for quite a while.

» Jorinapeka

A VERY addictive little puzzle game. Well done.
Sent in by Minh P.

Bonus Link!

» reALIze

“Realize is a unique and thought-provoking monument inspired by the iconic presence of Muhammad Ali”
Sent in by Jennidub.