Apr. 1st, 2011

It’s the first Friday in April.

No really it is!

No I’m not kidding.

Okay… here we go.

» 60 Completely Unusable Stock Photos

[self explanatory]
Seriously who took these? For what purpose?!

» Think Quarterly

Think Quarterly is a new digital magazine from Google.

» fklickholdr

“Get placeholders related to the site you are developing, by pulling images from flickr based on tags”
While a little slow, this is a brilliant idea.
Sent in by Craig F.

» GunBlood

A challenging old-timey western duelling game.

» Penguin Rough Guide Coin Landscapes

Wow. Take a good look at these. This must have taken quite a bit of preparation. Nicely done!
Sent in by Brandi Z.

Have a great weekend, Friday friends.