Apr. 8th, 2011

Ahhhh Friday. And where I live: it’s warming up!

Here goes…

» Conflict History

A really cool interactive timeline / map that outlines international conflicts throughout history.
Great interface and a really interesting informative site.
Still in beta. Well done.

» The 10 Strangest, Most Terrifying Creatures Ever Found

[self explanatory… and YIKES!]

» New York Times: How Manhattan’s Grid Grew

Overlapping a to-scale 1811 map of a proposed grid layout of Manhattan, versus the actual map today. (Note the “reveal” slider to the left.)
I love this!

» Osada

Another of those “I wonder what it does?” games. Definitely challenging but also beautiful.

Bonus Link!

» Jason de Caires Taylor: Evolución Silenciosa (The Silent Evolution)

A variety of scupltures, presented underwater.
Sent in by Simon B.


Happy Friday everybody.