Apr. 29th, 2011

Welcome to the last Friday of April 2011.

That was fast!

Let’s begin…

» Cement Factory Loft

Fantastic! Must have taken years to get it into this kind of shape.

» Devo: What We Do (360 degree video)

While this video playes the viewer is allowed to drag across all of the different camera angles that were shot to make it, or select a random camera. You may not enjoy the song (or the band) but this is pretty amazing technology.

» Five Things About Bar Fights that Every Movie Gets Wrong

Funny. With example videos!

» Class 3 Outbreak Map – Zombies at Royal Wedding 2011

Just in time, here is a challenging zombie game, Royal Wedding style!
Sent in by Traci T.

Bonus Link!

» Letters of Note: I am only 6 but I think I can do this job

“…6-year-old train enthusiast Sam Pointon sent the following letter to the museum in an attempt to fill Scott’s shoes and land his dream job.”
Hilarious. And adorable.

Have a happy Friday.