May 27th, 2011

Hello Friday!

And I guess goodbye May 2011. (snif!)

Here we go…

» Anatomy of a Mashup: Definitive Daft Punk

A pretty cool visual exploration of a mashup of numerous Daft Punk samples. Well done.

» Literally Unbelievable

“Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook”
These people make the mistake of assuming that satirical “news” site The Onion is an actual news site. Hilarity most definitely ensues.

» Doug’s Word Clocks

“A word clock is a clock that tells the time using English words.”
I think I want one. Really well done. (You can buy kits to make your own, btw.)

» Checkpoint!

A very frustrating but fun platformer game.

Bonus Link!

» Game of Thrones Relationship Infographic

Quite complex.

Enjoy your weekend everybody.


May 20th, 2011

Welcome to Friday. Well: late-Friday.

Apparently tomorrow is the end of the world, so this might be the last Friday Links ever. So much pressure.

So here we go!

» Japanese Ice Cream Robot

[self explanatory]
Since it’s finally somewhat warm weather outside…
This actually makes sense. Get a machine to perform repetitive, predictable tasks the same way for very little cost. Only downfall: no chit-chat.

» The New York Times: The Final Edition

An interesting piece of satire. It’s different every day!
Sent in by Ashy.

» Ten Incredible Steampunk Cell Phones

Crazy. All apparently functional. They look a little uncomfortable.
Sent in by Laura F.

» Appy 2000mg

A cute, deep little platformer Flash game.
Sent in by Miko C.

Bonus Link!

» The Garden Of Cosmic Speculation

This is a really ornate, really complex, immense garden which is only open one day out of the year: May 3rd. (Sorry I was late.)
Sent in by Noella S.

Enjoy your Friday, and your (possibly long) weekend. And your last day on earth / Rapture. (?!?!)


May 13th, 2011


…the 13th!! [orchestra!]

Been a while since we’ve had one of those.

And now: links!

» Google Road Trip

A fantastic Google maps hack that shows you the sequential street view images of a given start and end destination, following along on the map as well.
Created by Azhar Bande-Ali. Well done.

» Here I Stand

Possibly the best valedictorian speech – and stealth act of subversion – you will read this grad season.
Yes it’s from a year ago but it’s still a good read. 🙂

» What’s Osama bin Watching?

By default: Justin Bieber, but you can use any YouTube video you want.

» Edmus

You have only one control: jump. Try to get as far as you can without running into anything or falling. It’s harder than it sounds.

Bonus Link!

» Inge Jacobsen: Hand stitched Vogue magazine

Amazing. Her whole site is worth a look as well.

Enjoy your day everybody.


May 6th, 2011

Welcome to May!

And to your Friday Links…

» Royal wedding: Spot yourself in our hi-def crowd picture

“This high-definition, 1.15-gigapixel picture, is a composite of 189 images.”
Note: no I am not in this crowd. Sorry.

» Jane Corwin: Standing Next To Fire Trucks. For Some Reason.

“New York State Assemblywoman Jane Corwin apparently neglected to register her name as a dot org. So somebody else did.”
Behold the perils of not remembering to register your personal domains.

» That can be my next tweet

Enter a Twitter account and this constructs a new one based on the previous postings.
Note: Both Kanye West’s and Charlie Sheen’s results are indistinguishable from what they probably will post.

» Alphaland

A really unique, challenging game.

Bonus Link!

» Walls Notebook

“Walls Notebook is a notebook / sketchbook that features 80 pictures of “clean” NYC walls instead of blank pages. Write, draw, paste, or doodle on these inspirational backdrops.”
Unleash your inner graffiti artist.
Sent in by Bonnie D.

Here’s to Fridays! [klink!]