Jun. 17th, 2011

Hello Friday people!

Next week is Summer. Can you believe it??

Here we go!

» Paper Cuts By Joe

Really, Really impressive artwork created by hand-cut paper by artist Joe Bagley. You can buy originals at this site as well, and the blog is highly recommended, just to get across how much work goes into each of these. Absolutely fantastic.

» Smoking Gun: Foo Fighters 2011 Tour Rider

This may be the funniest thing you read today, or all month. Dave Grohl and friends are pretty hands on about their requirements on the road. Hilarious.

» Logo Swap!

[self explanatory]

» Space Rubbish

An update on the original Asteroids, now with crazier targets and more frantic action. Not bad at all.

» The Unsung Heroes of Biscuit Embossing

An interesting article on the history of embossed biscuits, focusing primarily on Oreos. More indepth than you might think.

Enjoy your warm, lovely, pre-summer Friday and have a great weekend.