Jul. 29th, 2011

And there went July! That was fast.

Time for some links, yes?

» The GE Show: Future Flight

GE built a searchable website of most of the major airports around the world. Kind of neat. Also includes artful photos people have taken around each of the airports.

» Wheel Of Concept

For creative agency types who need a quick idea for their anxious clients.
Sent in by Erin A.

» Spock Is Not Impressed

[self explanatory]
Kind of funny.

» Gap Monsters

A fun, interesting concept for a Flash game.

Bonus Link!

» Slate: A History of Air Conditioning

Given that this is something I and many people are hunting for lately (we hit close to 120F last week after humidity), and that I’ve wondered how they work in general, here you go.
Sent in by quite a few subscribers. Thanks!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and happy end-of-July.


Jul. 22nd, 2011

Phew! This Friday, for where I live, is a really hot one. Just in time for the weekend!

Also in time for the weekend? Your Friday Links!

Here we go…

» Naturayarte

Extremely intricate, beautiful artwork, created from delicately cut leaves.
“Naturayarte is an artistic project that we seek to live my little family and me.”

» Suspicious Vans

“Have you checked on your kids lately?”
No doubt! Yikes. Note: Some vans nsfw.

» Holy Maury Mother of God

Another single-use tumblr site. After reading several of these I have to ask myself: How does a TV show like this actyally exist? Ridiculous.
Sent in by Alison L.

» Royal Tea

It’s a simple yet decidedly odd little flash game.
Sent in by Tyler F.

Bonus Link!

» Beautiful Swear Words

[self explanatory]
Definitely potentially not safe for work, due to (you know) swear words.

Stay cool this Friday everybody!

Happy Friday!


Jul. 15th, 2011

Happy Frrriiiiiday everybody!

I don’t know about you but it is hot outside!

» The Orda Cave Awareness Group: Gallery

This is a gallery of the world’s longest underwater cave, located in Russia.
There are some extremely beautiful shots here.
Sent in by Miko C.

» Space Shuttle Discovery – 360VR Images

[self explanatory]
Now you can take a look around the cockpit of a space shuttle. Kind of cool.

» The Burger Lab: Building A Better Big Mac

From the fantastic food blog “A Hamburger Today”
Sent in by Ashy.

» Space Parasite

A fast little flash game. Very addictive.
Sent in by Ashy (who is addicted.)

Bonus Link!

» Correlated

[sort of self explanatory]
Contains the most bizarre data point comparisons I’ve ever seen. And it’s a pretty new site. Example: “65 percent of people who prefer lemons over limes are fiction lovers, compared with 50 percent of people in general.”

And there we go.

Have a happy Mid-July Friday and a wonderful weekend.


Jul. 8th, 2011

Welcome to your Friday!

Hhhheeeeere we go…

» Anastassia Elias: Cut out paper rolls

Not exactly what it sounds like. Really beautiful works of art made of paper rolls. Very cool!
Sent in by Cassie P.

» David Gilliver: Light Paintings

Really well done.

» Gum Alert

“GumAlert is a review blog dedicated to one of life’s greatest little pleasures: Gum.”
Extremely comprehensive. Bacon Gumballs anyone?
Sent in by Frank P.

» The I of t

An odd, challenging little game. Well done!
Sent in by Ashy.

Bonus Link!

» MMMMound

[(sort of) self-explanatory]

Happy Friday everybody!

Wear sunscreen.


Jul. 1st, 2011

Happy Canada Day! Happy Independence Day!

… and of course: Happy Friday!

Let’s begin…

» Barad-dûr – made with Lego

I get sent at least two new Lego constructions a week and this is easily one of the most complex ones I’ve ever seen. Well done.
Sent in by Jared S.

» Michael Bay Writes To Theater Projectionists

And one of the projectionists responds.
Well played.

» Gameboy Online

A pretty impressive Gameboy emulator. Choose the game, load it up, play. This probably won’t last that long but it’s fairly impressive. (And addictive.)


This is just the demo of this quirky little platformer game, but it’s good.
Discovered by Rachael L.

Enjoy your (possibly long) weekend!