Jul. 1st, 2011

Happy Canada Day! Happy Independence Day!

… and of course: Happy Friday!

Let’s begin…

» Barad-dûr – made with Lego

I get sent at least two new Lego constructions a week and this is easily one of the most complex ones I’ve ever seen. Well done.
Sent in by Jared S.

» Michael Bay Writes To Theater Projectionists

And one of the projectionists responds.
Well played.

» Gameboy Online

A pretty impressive Gameboy emulator. Choose the game, load it up, play. This probably won’t last that long but it’s fairly impressive. (And addictive.)


This is just the demo of this quirky little platformer game, but it’s good.
Discovered by Rachael L.

Enjoy your (possibly long) weekend!