Nov. 11th, 2011

Hello Friday people!

Here are some shiny web discoveries for you.

» Feltron

Some of you may already know this one. It was new to me.
Nicholas Felton documents everything he’s done in a year in a very comprehensive series of graphs and infographics. He’s done one every year since 2005. You can buy them.
His About page is also definitely worth a look.
Sent in by Stewie.

» KernType

“The type kerning game.”
Actually more entertaining than you might think!
See also: ShapeType.
Sent in by Vanessa L.

» The Kitten Covers

Classic rock album covers, now with kittens.
I think my favorite at the moment is Alladin Sane.

» Convergence

A challenging little flash game. Nicely done.

Bonus Link!

» Women Struggling To Drink Water

[self explanatory]
Ohhh you wacky stock photographers…

Happy Friday, and have a fantastic weekend.