Mar. 23rd, 2012

Happy Spring!

And of course: Happy Friday!!

Here ya go…

» One Tiny Hand

There’s on in every photo on this site. 🙂
Funny / creepy.
(Note: Some photos potentially nsfw.)

» Bloom: 28,000 Potted Flowers Installed at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center

Artist Anna Schuleit was commissioned to fill the delapidated Massachusetts Mental Health Center before it was demolished.
This is worth a read, the whole thing.
Sent in by Kirsten G.

» Notes from a Videodrome Test Screening

Also: For the most part, I heart Criterion.

» The Hatchings

TRY not to play this for hours. Just try.

Bonus Link!

» Cat Scientists Of The 1960’s

Insane. And funny!

I hope it feels like Spring where you are (if Spring is the season where you are.)

Have a great weekend.