Aug. 31st, 2012

Hello, Friday! Buh-bye, August.

To celebrate: some links!

» wtfnasa?

“What the f*** has NASA done to make your life awesome?”
The short answer is: quite a bit. The longer answers are engrossing. Well done.

» The Paintings Of Jason de Graaf

Repeat: the paintings!
[These are not photographs.]

» Cultso: Artist Takes Every Drug Known to Man, Draws Self Portraits After Each Use

Kind of interesting.
This one is making the rounds. Sent along by Laura K. (And many others.)

» One Step Back

A challenging platformer. You have to get through several environments while trying to outrun explosive players. Fun. Difficult.

Bonus Link!

» Your Change, With Thanks

“Among the refinements of middle-class Victorian shopping was the giving of change not directly from hand to hand but in paper packets. Chamber’s Edinburgh Journal in a review of London shops and shopping (15 October 1853), makes passing note of the custom.”
From the Graphic Arts Blog at Princeton University, which is full of a lot of other interesting and beautiful things.
Some fantastic designs on some of these.

Happy Friday everybody. Have a fabulous weekend.


Aug. 24th, 2012

It is finally Friday. We’re a month away from Autumn. Unbelievable.

Time to soak up the remaining Summer heat with some Friday Links!

» Rachel Hulin: The Flying Series


» The Internet Map

…Showing the relative bigness of the most visited websites.

» Awkward Stock Videos

[self explanatory]
Much of this is probably NSFW. But still funny.

» Farm Fortress

Several of you are already clearly addicted to this online game, so thanks for sending it along. Definitely fun. Yes, it is another “tower defence” kind of game, but it’s also different and entertaining. Enjoy!

Bonus Link!

» Kumi Yamashita: Constellation

“This body of work consists of three simple materials that, when combined, produce the portraits: a wooden panel painted a solid white, thousands of small galvanized nails, and a single, unbroken, common sewing thread.”
Sent along by Kate S.

Have a Happy Friday everybody, and have an amazing weekend.


Aug. 17th, 2012

Hello again, Friday folks.

Are you ready? I think we’re ready…

» The 33 Best GIFs Of The London Olympics

[self explanatory]
These are great. Bye bye Olympics (until 2014 in Rio de Janeiro.)

» Black Barbie & Ken’s Nigerian Traditional Wedding

Extremely detailed. Well done.
Photography by Obi is a company operated by London based photographer Obi Nwokedi.

» Staggering Beauty

This is making the rounds but it’s still cool / odd.
The warning says “Those at risk of epileptic seizures should choose a different website.” and that is definitely not a joke. (Move your mouse quickly to see why.)
Sent in by Minh P.

» Moonlight

An interesting flash game. It takes some getting used to but it is addictive.
Sent along by Ashy.

Bonus Link!

» 1.8 million LEGOs used to create map of Japan

“Dubbed ‘Build Up Japan,’ the event – rather than recreating existing landmarks – encouraged kids to picture what they want Japan to look like, and to create imaginary structures. The future of Japan was, quite literally, in their hands. And the kids delivered.”
Also see their Facebook Page for more photos.

Have a happy, warm, lovely Friday, and an excellent, relaxing weekend.


Aug. 10th, 2012

True story: today is really Friday.

And now you know.

» The Atlantic: Curiosity Lands On Mars

A great photo essay on the recent nail-biter of a landing of an SUV-sized rover on to the surface of the red planet.

» Chicks With Hits

DJ’s Winslow and Johnny Coco have (as of this writing) three DJ sets of hits only performed 80’s and 90’s girl groups. Cool.
Sent in by Stewie.

» What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball?

[self explanatory]
Sent along by Alison L.


From the people who gave you QWOP. Funny!

Bonus Link!

» Pareidoloop

“What happens if you write software that generates random polygons and the software then feeds the results through facial recognition software, looping thousands of times until the generated image more and more resembles a face? Pareidoloop.”

Here’s to another fantastic summer Friday (klink!)

Enjoy your weekend.


Aug. 3rd, 2012

A happy August to you all.

And of course: Happy Friday!

Ready? Let’s begin…

» This Is How Olympic Divers Really Look While Diving

[self explanatory]
I lol’d!

» 13 People Who Don’t Know What ‘Literally’ Means

[self explanatory]


“Clever matches between bathing suits and books. Each match discovered by hand. We should have been doing this all along, am I right?”
My pick so far: Infinite Jest.

» Give Up

“A game about failure and regret.”
Despite sounding like a complete downer, this is a very fun game.
Suggested by Ashy T. and Traci T.

Bonus Link!

» Rich Kids of Instagram

[self explanatory]
It kind of gives me a pain in my stomach. 🙂
Sent in by several subscribers.

And now you can enjoy your (potentially “long”) weekend!

Happy Friday everybody.