Aug. 31st, 2012

Hello, Friday! Buh-bye, August.

To celebrate: some links!

» wtfnasa?

“What the f*** has NASA done to make your life awesome?”
The short answer is: quite a bit. The longer answers are engrossing. Well done.

» The Paintings Of Jason de Graaf

Repeat: the paintings!
[These are not photographs.]

» Cultso: Artist Takes Every Drug Known to Man, Draws Self Portraits After Each Use

Kind of interesting.
This one is making the rounds. Sent along by Laura K. (And many others.)

» One Step Back

A challenging platformer. You have to get through several environments while trying to outrun explosive players. Fun. Difficult.

Bonus Link!

» Your Change, With Thanks

“Among the refinements of middle-class Victorian shopping was the giving of change not directly from hand to hand but in paper packets. Chamber’s Edinburgh Journal in a review of London shops and shopping (15 October 1853), makes passing note of the custom.”
From the Graphic Arts Blog at Princeton University, which is full of a lot of other interesting and beautiful things.
Some fantastic designs on some of these.

Happy Friday everybody. Have a fabulous weekend.