Nov. 16th, 2012

Friday’s back in town! And not a moment too soon.

Link time…

» 100,000 Stars

A Google Chrome experiment which plots the location (using astrometric databases and catalogues) of 100,000 “nearby” stars.
Note: called a Chrome experiment because it predominantly works in the Chrome web browser.

» 2012 Photomicrography Competition: Winners

Another year, another “Cosmarium sp. (desmid) near a Sphagnum sp. leaf (100x)”
Quite beautiful.

» No Pattern Required: Sara’s Dream TV – The Kuba Komet!

This is the craziest vintage TV I think I’ve ever seen. I wonder if their creators are still around. Insane.


Another challenging game from the creators of QWOP and CLOP (both previously featured on the Friday Links.)
Sent along by Gino F. Great find.

Bonus Link!

» Literally Unbelievable

“Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook”
I’m finding more and more frequently there’s a portion of the population who have no idea that The Onion is not a genuine news website. It’s kind of funny / sad.
Sent along by Eileen K.C.

Have a great weekend everybody. And remember: Only 39 shopping days until Xmas…

Happy Friday.