Nov. 30th, 2012

There goes November…

Time for some Friday Links!!

» Guy Dresses Up as Facebook Users and Sends them Friend Requests

Funny and definitely strange. I like.
Discovered by Jessica W.

» 8-Bit Pop-Up Cards

Just in time for the holidays… 😉
Great idea.

» Buzzfeed: What Happened When NYU Students Discovered They Could E-Mail 40,000 People At Once

[self explanatory]
Funny, in a nerdy kind of way.
Sent in by many subscribers.

» Old Spice Saves The World

“A video game made to stop an actual event that might happen if an ancient civilization was as smart as we think.”
I have no words really. Play it. You will laugh.
Sent along by Josh S. and Gino F.

Bonus Link!

» Amazing Animations of Fruit and Vegetable MRIs

[self explanatory]
Beautiful. Odd.
Sent along by Hannah J.

Have a happy Friday people. See you in a week.