Feb. 22nd, 2013

The last Friday of February. Already!

So I guess we still need some Friday Links… Here we go!

» Anthony Kurtz: No Man’s Job

“Photographer Anthony Kurtz visited Femme Auto in Senegal and took portraits of the mechanics and auto body workers there. They’re really gorgeous shots, and it’s always great to see badass women doing it to it in a male dominated field.”
Discovered on Jezebel.com.


A litany of great building and construction mistakes. Yikes.

» Unreleased Celebrity Fragrances

“Mule Variation by Tom Waits: Animalic, with notes of honey, overripe orange peels, and improperly cured game meats. Caution: may burn through the skin if applied too liberally.”
Sign me up! (Sort of.)

» Little Alchemy

A cool, educational, challenging little discovery game. I like.

Bonus Link!

» Guy’s American Kitchen And Bar

A fake Guy Fieri restaurant menu. I’m not sure if this makes me like Mr. Fieri more or less.
Funny. To me.

Happy Final February Friday!