Mar. 29th, 2013

Happy Friday! And for many people, today is “Good” Friday.

But every Friday is pretty amazing in my books.

Here we go…

» Paris 1900-2013 en photos

A really great interface that places a slider overtop of identical views from 1910-1920 and 2013. Really well done.
Sent in by several subscribers.

» Actresses Without Teeth

…via the magic of (questionable) photoshopping.

» Trunk Club

Rather than just browsing and shopping online, Trunk Club will match you with a stylist who will find you appropriate, attractive clothing and package it up for you. I like.
Sent along by Alison L. Thanks!

» Fear Less

Outrun death. Sounds pretty straightforward…

Bonus Link!

» I Hope Your Bag Is Comfortable, Asshole

Toronto-centric, but applicable to any urban transit system.
Be kind to your fellow commuters, people, or you could end up on sites like this one.
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Happy Friday, Good or otherwise.


Mar. 22nd, 2013

It’s the first Friday in Spring! Now if only Spring itself would actually, you know, show up…

Here we go…

» Bradley Hart: Injections

“The process of injecting bubble wrap with paint in order to create one coherent picture, references pixilation as a combination of 1’s and 0’s that result in an image for us to consume.”
Hart’s work is on display at gallery nine 5 (24 Spring St., in Soho, NYC) through March 29th.

» The Atlantic: NASA or MOMA?

“Below is a collection of images — some of them created by prolific space photographer Chris Hadfield, taken from the International Space Station (we’ll call those ‘NASA’), some of them created by nearly-as-prolific painters here on Earth (we’ll call those ‘MOMA’). Here’s a game: Can you tell the difference between the two?”
You might be surprised!

» Pictures We Didn’t Take Before Digital Camera.

[self explanatory]
And yet: there’s a semi-rennaissance going on with film, especially with Lomo cameras. hm….

» Cyclomaniacs Epic

Addictive. Slightly off-balance but very fun, and challenging.
Sent along by Traci T.

Have a most excellent Friday everybody, and a wonderful weekend.


Mar. 16th, 2013

Friday is now on Saturday. For a limited time only!

Sorry for the delay everybody. Here we go…

» Trance: The Movie

A pretty amazing website for the new Danny Boyle film.
Sent along by CJ H.

» VintageZen: The Movie Set Museum

A great little discussion of a museum that should probably exist somewhere.

» National Geographic Found

“FOUND is a curated collection of photography from the National Geographic archives. In honor of our 125th anniversary, we are showcasing photographs that reveal cultures and moments of the past. Many of these photos have never been published and are rarely seen by the public.”
Utterly fantastic.

» Reimagine

It’s a crazy, hard-to-describe, definitely addictive game.
You’ll see.
Seng in by Ashy T.

Bonus Link!

» Kevin Cooley: Lights Edge

Beautiful long-exposure shots of military flares.
I don’t know what it means, but I like it.

Happy FriSaturday!


Mar. 8th, 2013

Ohhhh Friday. 🙂

Welcome back! Here we go…

» Iñaki Aliste: TV Show Floorplans

Featuring the apartment and house floorplans from Friends, Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory and a few others. These are all eyeballed by the artist, and are quite lovely.

» What Coke Contains

[self explanatory]
A little unnerving the detail they go into. Interesting.

» NYC Past

A tumble dedicated to large format images from NYC’s past. Wayyyy too many photos for me to completely check out but it’s pretty damn cool.

» Music Timeline

“A chronology of music from prehistory to the present day”
No kidding. From the first three-holed wind instrument through Nine Inch Nails. A ridiculously detailed music history blog.
I definitely like.

Bonus Link!

» Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Nine Inch Nails: Call me a Hole

Making the rounds but most excellent.
A great little mashup by pomDeterrific.
Fun fact: Producer / Mixer Dave Ogilvie had a hand in both songs! Who knew?!

Have a wonderful Friday.


Mar. 1st, 2013

Believe… It is Friday.

It’s time for the Friday Links. Here we go…

» Hello, Again

This is a Lincoln car company promo somehow involving Beck performing David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” in an incredibly immersive 360° environment in HD video.
The performance is 20:42 in HD, only 5:25 in regular resolution. I think it’s pretty cool.


A site that features news stories that sound like they should be in The Onion, but are actually real.
Worth a look.

» The ‘Replace Tom Cruise with Jon Lovitz in every movie starring Tom Cruise’ Game

[self explanatory… and somewhat bizarre]
Sent along by Gino F.

» Sugar Sugar 2

Kind of reminds me of “Linerider” only you’re diverting sugar into a teeny tiny cup (to start.)

Have a very enjoyable Friday everybody.