Apr. 26th, 2013

Holy cow: it’s already the last Friday of April 2013!

But at least it’s Friday. 🙂

Today’s Friday Links is predominantly artistic in nature. Aaaaand go!

» David Fullarton

A great visual artist based out of San Francisco. His “Apologies” series is solid gold in my opinion.

» Hellovon

“HelloVon is the studio established in 2006 by London based illustrator and artist Von.”
There is some amazing, engaging, beautiful work here. Well done.

» Sean Hart: Shine

I like.

» Magentized

Guide a little box around tight corners and other challenges by using magnetism. It’s harder than it sounds. VERY addictive game.

Bonus Link!

» Then and Now Photo Collection: Disneyland

Some pretty cool comparison photographs of this iconic vacation destination.

Have a wonderful Friday. Hopefully your weekend will be warm and mostly sunny, instead of cloudy, like mine will apparently be… 🙁

Happy Friday!


Apr. 19th, 2013

Happy Friday finally everybody.

This week it felt like Friday arrived a little slower than expected. Let’s begin…

» All The Buildings* in NYC

“* That I’ve drawn so far.”
Whimsical drawings of as many NYC buildings as he can draw in New York. Fantastic.
There is also now a book.

» Brianstorms: Revisiting the Original 1992 WIRED Media Kit

Take a trip back to 1992 when Wired launched “a radically different consumer computer magazine that reflects the mindstyle and aspirations of the Digital Vanguard”. Kind of fascinating.
1992 feels like a lot longer ago than it actually was. :/
Sent in by several subscribers.

» Listen To Bitcoin

“Realtime Bitcoin transaction and trade visualizer.”
And audio… lizer…
Kind of interesting.

» Smiley Showdown

“Yes, they are cute. But there are too many of them, and frankly, I do not like their attitude.”
Indeed! Another addicting little Flash game. Sent in by Traci T.

Have a Happy Friday!


Apr. 12th, 2013

Happy mid-April everybody!

And of course: Happy Friday! 🙂

Let’sssss take a look here…

» Reasons My Son Is Crying

A tumblr where the parent takes a picture of their son every time he starts to cry and then captions the photo with why their son was crying. It gets progressively funnier. Sort of.

» Ben Thomas: Accession

Ben Thomas is a photographic artist from Melbourne, Australia. These photos are pretty engaging. You can also buy high quality prints of them. I like it.

» Sports Balls Replaced With Cats

Hilarious, and definitely making the rounds.
If they made a highlight reel with this every night I would be pretty excited about it.
Sent in by Ashy T. and many more.

» Reach For It

A challenging, old-school shooter. I like!

Bonus Link!

» Art Institute of Chicago: Thorne Miniature Rooms

“Mrs. James Ward Thorne of Chicago loved dollhouses and miniatures as a child. After traveling in Europe where she collected miniature furniture and accessories, Mrs. Thorne commissioned over two dozen miniature rooms created by cabinetmakers from her own drawings. The scale is: one inch to one foot.”
Is thaaaaat right? Fascinating. These are incredibly detailed creations. Fantastic.

Have a lovely Friday.


Apr. 5th, 2013

Welcome back to Friday! We’ve been waiting for you.

Here we go everybody…

» Jean-François Rauzier: Hyperphoto

An interesting “recomposition” view of photography. Some of these are pretty breathtaking.

» Distance To Mars

A neat little demonstration. 🙂

» Bird Photo Booth

“Bird Photo Booth is the world’s first bird feeder designed for your iPhone, iPod touch, Android and GoPro cameras.”
Their gallery is pretty impressive. Great idea, if you’re into that kind of thing.

» Nocran Space

A pretty straightforward little space shooter. Fun!

Have a fantastic Friday night. Where I am, it’s getting warm outside, finally. Join me won’t you?