Apr. 19th, 2013

Happy Friday finally everybody.

This week it felt like Friday arrived a little slower than expected. Let’s begin…

» All The Buildings* in NYC

“* That I’ve drawn so far.”
Whimsical drawings of as many NYC buildings as he can draw in New York. Fantastic.
There is also now a book.

» Brianstorms: Revisiting the Original 1992 WIRED Media Kit

Take a trip back to 1992 when Wired launched “a radically different consumer computer magazine that reflects the mindstyle and aspirations of the Digital Vanguard”. Kind of fascinating.
1992 feels like a lot longer ago than it actually was. :/
Sent in by several subscribers.

» Listen To Bitcoin

“Realtime Bitcoin transaction and trade visualizer.”
And audio… lizer…
Kind of interesting.

» Smiley Showdown

“Yes, they are cute. But there are too many of them, and frankly, I do not like their attitude.”
Indeed! Another addicting little Flash game. Sent in by Traci T.

Have a Happy Friday!