May 31st, 2013

Welcome to Friday, and the end of May 2013, and of course: your Friday Links!

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» Phones Replaced With Sandwiches


» Thornhill Jewellery: Coins

“We only work with recycled materials.”
In this case: British coin currency.
Also see their spoons. Really beautiful.

» Insect Lab Studio

“Insect Lab customizes preserved insect specimens with antique watch parts and mechanical components.”
On the surface it sounds ridiculous but these are some quite intricate and beautiful creations.

» Free Rider 3

VERY addictive cycling game along the same lines as line rider. Very fun.

Bonus Link!

» UrbanBaby: things i’ve learned from my law and order habit

“You can cross examine a murder suspect in three questions.” and “Manhattan Assistant DA’s are HOT!” are good ones.

Have a fantastic Friday everybody.