Jun. 28th, 2013

Welcome to Friday everybody! Great to be back.

Heeeeeeeere we go…

» Thumbs And Ammo

A great little tumblr that replaces the holding of any firearm with a “thumbs up” instead.

» Criterion: Lena Dunham’s Top 10

A sample:
“#3, Broadcast News
No one writes a complex woman like James L. Brooks, and no one embodies her like Holly Hunter.

When we wrapped shooting on This Is 40, Judd Apatow gave me a photo of Brooks directing Hunter that I hung above my desk, and I can hear them drawling and stammering and just being who they are.”

» Filmmaker IQ: Everything You Need to Know About Aspect Ratio

“Aspect ratio is just a number describing the shape of the screen. But that number has a long history.”
It’s a series of lessons, and on paper this doesn’t sound all that interesting, but it is.
There is also a handy video about it.

» Burrito Bison

“Help the Burrito Bison escape the evil candy land by tossing him as far as you can.”
What a kooky little flash game! Very fun. Not yet available for mobile but it sure should be.

Bonus Link!

» Sabine Pearlman: Ammo

“This series of ammunition cross-sections was photographed inside a WWII bunker in Switzerland in October of 2012.”
Kind of fascinating, very precise work.

Have a lovely, lovely Friday, and a fantastic (possibly long) weekend.


Jun. 21st, 2013

Today is Friday!

Today is also the first day of summer!

Today is a pretty good day so far! And now look! LINKS!!

» Angela Palmer – Life Lines

“Using digital information provided by MRI and CT scans, Angela peels back layers to uncover a hidden natural world and “maps” these patterns onto individual sheets of glass.”
I imagine these look a lot more striking in person.
More info is available here. Beautiful work.

» Music Video Race

“On Friday, June 7th, At an undisclosed location in SF at 7:30 pm, we’ll match up 20 musical acts with 20 filmmakers. Each pairing will create a music video that weekend, finishing up by Sunday night at 8 PM.”
My favorite of them (so far) is “You Can’t Scare Me” by the band “Not The 1s”.

» Anastassia Elias – Rouleaux

Some really creative artwork all created using toilet paper tubes.

» Handless Millionaire

“Grab and collect falling cash. The only catch – the cash is on the other side of a guillotine. Be quick, or prepare to lose your hand!”
Sent in by Ashy T.

Bonus Link!

» NGUYỄN Hùng Cường

Take a look at this guy’s work. Amazing.

Heppy Friday everybody!


Jun. 14th, 2013

Well hello mid-June.

And in case you missed it, it’s Friday!

And so: links!

» Getty Critics

“Every stock image has a problem. We’re here to point them out.”
Kind of funny.
Sent in by James R.

» Haunted Mansion Backstage

A lot of behind the scenes photography of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Great little site.

» Ichwan Noor: VW Beetle Sphere

“When artist Ichwan Noor chose to put aluminium, polyester, real parts from a VW beetle ’53, and paint, Beetle Sphere 2013 was born.”
These are real parts from a 1953 VW beetle. Crazy.

» Little Wheel

A really well designed, cute, involved little flash game. Definitely challenging. I like.
Sent along by Alison L.

Bonus Link!

» How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

[self explanatory]
Sent along by Howard Y.

Have a very Happy Friday, Friday people.


Jun. 7th, 2013

North American Summer is only two weeks away. 🙂

AND! It’s Friday!

Let’s get going…

» Anatomy of a Logo: Star Wars

“The film, Star Wars, premiered on May 25, 1977. Today, on its 36th anniversary, I’m examining the evolution of the film’s logo.”
Holy cow is he ever.
Blogger Alex Jay takes a look at the many, many, many iterations of what would ultimately become the Star Wars logo.

» Christopher Boffoli: Big Appetites

“Big Appetites is a series of fine art photographs by artist Christopher Boffoli. The series presents tiny, meticulously detailed figures posed in real food environments, referencing both a cultural fascination with tiny things as well as an American enthusiasm for excess, especially in the realm of food.”
There is also a Book which I will more than likely be purchasing soon.
Sent along by Traci T. Great stuff.

» Beautiful Decay: Embroidery That Mummifies Print Journalism

“Lauren DiCioccio uses a simple needle and thread on cotton muslin to mummify and honor an endangered artifact– the printed newspaper.”
Some extraordinarily detailed art here. I like.
Sent in by Rachael LC

» Mushroom Cloud

It’s slowly addictive. Play a few levels and you might feel kind of “meh” about it. But keep going. The payoffs are kind of cool.
Sent along by Ashy.

Bonus Link!

» Stupid Calculations

[sort of self-explanatory]
“Where practical facts get rendered into utterly useless ones.”
I think my favorite one so far is paying the artist in rice. It’s a crazy mathematical extrapolation.

Have a Happy Friday everybody!